Pukka Notes Range

The high quality of Pukka Notes allows you to reposition them numerous times without ever leaving a mark. They are ideal for business, education and everyday use. For example when reading through long documents or sorting through your personal planner, use our flags to keep yourself organised. The assortment of coloured flags allows you to mark, tab, highlight and colour code your work so you can quickly and easily go back and retrieve information. Get your messages noticed in the home or office with our coloured sticky notes!


  • Pukka Notes, Pop-Up Highlighter Flags
  • Pukka Notes, Pop-Up Indicator Flags
  • Pukka Notes, Page Manager
  • Pukka Notes, 50 x 38mm
  • Pukka Notes, 76 x 25mm
  • Pukka Notes, Index Notes
  • Pukka Notes, 3 Mixed Sizes
  • Pukka Notes, Divider Notes
  • Pukka Notes, Shaped Notes
  • Pukka Notes, Film Indicator Flags
  • Pukka Notes, Film Highlighter Flags
  • Pukka Notes, Memo Steps with Pen
  • Pukka Notes Cube, 76 x 76mm, Neon, Pastel
  • Pukka Notes Mini-Cube, 50 x 50mm, Blue
  • Pukka Notes, Recycled Notes 76 x 76mm
  • Pukka Notes, 50 x 38mm, Pastel Yellow
  • Pukka Notes, 76 x 76mm, Pastel Yellow
  • Pukka Notes, 127 x 76mm, Pastel Yellow

See page 72 of our catalogue.

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